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Never heard of an Escape Room? 

Total Confinement is a mystery escape game, based on strategy, wit, and critical thinking.

You and your team have 60 minutes, to solve the mystery, find the key and escape the room.

Can You Escape!!


60 minutes per game, $25 per person (taxes not included in price).

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Your friend has been kidnapped and you located where they are being held... an Old Shed deep in the dark woods!  Can you save them and yourself in time?




YouR GROUP haS 60 minutes, to SEARCH HIS office and find aLL OF THE DETAILS TO HIS NEXT crime. you must hurry before he strikes again!



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Total Confinement
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You play the game at your own consent and risk.

To find clues you may open, close or look around each prop in the room. Be savvy, not destructive.  

The clues are placed in easy-to-reach locations. Any damages to the game rooms may result in penalties and legal settlements. 

Each group may request three free clues, with no penalty to their time. However, time will not stop when a clue is given. After utilizing the three free clues time will be deducted from the gamers countdown.   

An adult (21+) must accompany persons under the age of 16.

Please use the security exit door/key in case of an emergency. Your game will be forfeited and your money will not be refunded if the key is used for emergency or non-emergency matters.

Please use the material provided, to take notes and to solve the problems.  Do not write on any other items, including furniture.

Recording and/or capturing images of the game is forbidden. All cellular devices and/or recording and imaging devices will be placed in a locked storage locker (you may keep the key with you).


We kindly ask you to take care of the rooms and the props. The objects inside the game rooms, shall not be forcibly moved or altered, for the purpose of the game. The game was not designed for you to endure heavy lifting or add strain to your body.

You will not be able to play if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you choose to do so and violate any of terms and conditions listed, this may result in penalties and legal settlements.

Please keep the clues, solutions for puzzles, and combinations a secret, so others can enjoy the game as well. And please do not copy or replicate the design of the game rooms or the tasks in the game.

The rooms are equipped with security cameras. So be on your best behavior.


Before you book your game, please note that you must accept the Rules and Standards.


Total Confinement  


233 North Main St
Randolph, MA 02368



Monday - Wednesday

By Appointment Only

Thursday & Friday

6p - 10p

Saturday & Sunday

12p - 10p

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